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MEETINGS 2018 - 2019

December 22, 2019

10a-2p @ Simple Studios, 134 West 29th St

Eyelines and Blocking: Workshop with Randi Feldman

Randi will cover eye lines, crossing the line strategies, blocking strategies for larger groups of people, and script supervising more difficult sequences (such as dreaded dinner table scenes) with a discussion on problems and solutions for matching with multiple characters and eyelines. She will also answer your questions about scenarios that scare you the most!

This will be a longer meeting than usual, with a break, so please bring snack/lunch. We'll provide coffee! 

October 06, 2019

11a-1p @ Le Pain Quotidien, Park Ave & 33rd

Coffee and...

...catching up with old friends & making some new ones at this casual, popular gathering. Join us for coffee, tea, pastry, or lunch. Your first cuppa is on us! Let's brainstorm about what you would like to discuss at future meetings!

New members welcome - please contact us or JOIN


July 14, 2019

11a-1p Bryant Park, near 42nd & 6th corner

Bryant Park Social

It's time to close out the NYSSN season with our summer park meeting. A topic we'd like to float for a casual discussion is that ever popular source of indignance: negotiating your deal. Come take the current temperature and share tips and experiences.

New members must RSVP

April 28, 2019

11a-1p @ TheaterWorks, Chelsea

Safety & Compliance

Since the death of the AC Sarah Jones on the feature Midnight Rider in 2014, productions have ramped up safety awareness, but still, even on union shows with experienced crews, accidents happen. And since the recent #MeToo movement, studios and producers have stepped up meetings about Sexual Harassment that all crew are required to attend. Is it making a difference? Do you feel like you will be heard? Is there more we can do as a craft to support each other? Are you getting proper safety information and do you feel respected on your set?  


Join us in a group discussion to raise each other's awareness, learn when and how to speak up, and to whom we should address our concerns.

February 10, 2019

5:30-7:30p @ The Crooked Knife

Beer 'n' Burgers

Find us at taking over the cozy pub couches again for our winter catch-up! First round is on us starting from 5:30pm.


The Crooked Knife , 232 West 14th Street (btn 7th/8th Ave)


Please RSVP

December 09, 2018

11a-1p @ TheaterWorks, Chelsea

How are script notes used in the editing room: A Conversation With Assistant Editor Carrie Puchkoff

This meeting will be a great opportunity to understand more about how post-production works, and to find out how what we do, and the way we do it, is used in the process.


Topics of discussion to include:

  • How post production is set up

  • How an Asst Editor sets up an editing department

  • Connection and workflow between set, posthouse, and editing room

  • Keeping the media together 

  • Organizing the information: what script notes structure and notation is most useful

  • How an edit room operates on a feature versus an episodic TV show

September 30, 2018

11a-1p @ Le Pain Quotidien, Park Ave & 33rd St

Coffee And.....

Welcome to a new season!  Catch up with members and maybe meet some new ones in this casual meetup. Food for thought: Improving our craft - what would that look like? What support are script supervisors looking for? What areas or skills are we looking to work on? Are we being stymied by new expectations in the current world of production? 


New members welcome - please contact us or JOIN

July 08, 2018

1-3pm @ Bryant Park, near 42nd & 6th corner

Bryant Park Social

It's time for our last NYSSN meeting of the season in the park! It's a casual gathering but we'd love to hear people's thoughts on the recent study by Working Ideal on gender bias and pay inequity for script supervisors.


You can read the full report here:


New members must RSVP

April 29, 2018

1-3pm @ Playwrights Rehersal Studios

Working on Commericals

Between features and episodic you may take work on commercials. Or perhaps that’s your primary gig. There are several different kinds of projects that fall within the commercial heading. What are they? What makes them different from narrative work and from each other?

Sean Pollock has worked on over 240 of these projects both union and non-union. He will present the various types, explain what it’s like on a commercial set and what is expected from you, and discuss rates and guaranteed hours. To follow up on recent discussion threads, we will have a roundtable discussion about the changing commercial landscape.

February 11, 2018

6-8pm @ Crooked Knife

Beer 'n' Burgers

Meet us at our usual spot for our annual winter social Beer 'n' Burgers! First round is on us starting from 6pm.


The Crooked Knife, 232 West 14th Street (btn 7th/8th Ave)

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