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MEETINGS 2016 - 2017

November 19, 2017

11a-1p @ Chelsea Studios, 151 West 26th St - 6th Fl

Behind the Scenes of a Production Office: A Conversation with a UPM and Production Supervisor

What exactly are UPMs and Production Supervisors responsible for? What are the biggest differences between the two positions? How do they hire and make deals? When is a decision made by a Dept. head and when is it a production supervisor or manager decision? What behind the scenes fires might they have to put out?


Come meet UPM Betsy Alton & Production Supervisor Francesca Mannix and gain an insight into their world and learn how we as script supervisors can work best with them. 

October 01, 2017

11a-2p @ Le Pain Quotidien, 44th & Madison

Coffee And....

Catch up with colleagues and meet new members! We have an exciting season ahead and will be continuing an ongoing conversation about negotiating rates, particularly in crossing boarding multi-TV episodic situations.

June 25, 2017

1-3pm @ Bryant Park, near 42nd & 6th corner

Bryant Park Social

For our last meeting of the season, NYSSN will be hosting an open conversation about issues specific to being a female script supervisor on set. This is a vast subject and we want to be open to everyone’s experiences.  


While pregnancy and motherhood will be central themes of this meeting, we also want to leave it open to other issues our female members have experienced on set. (Note: this meeting is for anyone who is interested, male members are very much welcome!)

April 23, 2017

11a-1p @ Manhattan Edit Workshop

The Art & Techniques of Visual Effects: Eran Dinur

In the rapidly changing world of Visual Effects, we need to constantly update our understanding to keep up with the technology.  Even if you’ve been to a VFX workshop in the past year or two, this will be another opportunity to learn more about current techniques along with our relationship with VFX supervisors and producers on set.

Join us for a conversation with Eran Dinur from Brainstorm Digital, an Emmy and VES award-winning VFX supervisor, artist, instructor and author of "The Filmmaker’s Guide to Visual Effects".

January 29, 2017

5-7pm @ Crooked Knife

Beer 'n' Burgers

Happy new year! Our annual Beer & Burgers get together at our usual winter hang, The Crooked Knife. As always, first round is on us starting early at 5pm.


The Crooked Knife, heated back patio, 232 West 14th Street (btn 7th/8th Ave)

December 04, 2016

11-1p @ 440 Studios

Executive Producing and the Writers Room: A Conversation with Gary Lennon

Gary Lennon is an award winning writer/producer/director. He was a Supervising Producer on Orange is the New Black, wrote on The Shield and Justified, was co-Executive producer on ABC's the Black Box, and is currently Executive Producer and writer on Power for Starz. Lennon began his career as a playwright and his three produced plays have all sold as films. He has also sold feature screenplays to Disney, Universal, Fox, and Intermedia. 


Gary will give us a glimpse into what goes on in the writer’s room, creating the arc of a season of a television show and will talk about the relationship between writers and script supervisors. He will also be glad to address the questions of any aspiring writers among us. 

September 25, 2016

4-7pm @ Park Ave Tavern

NYSSN 20th Anniversary party

If you can believe it, it's been 20 years since Peggy Sutton first started the New York Script Supervisors Network. Back then a handful of script supervisors would call around or *page* each other to meet in coffee shops and their apartments to talk about their worklife with the very few people that could really understand it. Today, we pretty much do the same, but with a membership 90-strong!


We are having an anniversary party in the fall to celebrate and would love for you to join us at Park Ave Tavern in Murray Hill

June 05, 2016

11am-1pm @ 440 Studios

Script Notes Show & Tell for Varying Projects

How do notes differ between Features, TV Episodics, Commercials, or Live Events? Whether digital or traditional, let's share our notes, explore our individual styles of working and compare the similarities and differences  of note taking for these varied kinds of projects. 

We'd love if everyone could bring in final editors script books, or copies of notes from different kinds of jobs for a Show and Tell. Feel free to black out any proprietary information to respect your show's NDA (non disclosure agreement). 

February 21, 2016

5pm @ Crooked Knife

Beer 'n' Burgers

Our annual Beer & Burgers get together is already here! A great way to catch up with old pals and make new contacts at our cozy spot, The Crooked Knife on West 14th. 


First round is on us so come for a quick drink and say hi, or come and hang if you have more time. I know it's a school night so we'll start at 5pm.


The Crooked Knife, back patio, 232 West 14th Street (btn 7th/8th Ave)

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