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Hardship Fund

Due to the 2023 industry strikes, NYSSN has established a hardship fund to aid our members in need. This one-time grant is available to members who have been actively involved in the network community and is a way to give back to those who have shown continued engagement and support to NYSSN over the years.


First Tier: $100


  • Membership for 3 seasons prior to current 2023-2024 season 

  • Attended 3 meetings (on-line or in person) 

Second Tier: $150


  • Membership for more than 3 seasons prior to current 2023-2024 season

  • Attended 6 meetings (on-line or in person) 

Members who have attended less than 6 meetings but have participated in one of the following ways, will be assessed case-by-case: 

  • Hosted a meeting

  • Participated in a panel as s speaker or instructor

  • Taken notes or edited notes for meetings

Hardship Fund grants are available to NYSSN members in good standing. If you would like to apply, please use this form.


What is a season?

A season is like a school year - the NYSSN season begins in September and runs until August the following year. Every September we collect dues for the new season.

How will meeting attendence be verified?

Our sign-in book records attendance of our in-person meetings (since 2008!). We also have pictures of all our events. For on-line meetings, members have signed in to the chat log.

Who is paying for the fund?

As with previous years, membership dues will be donated to causes supported by NYSSN. The hardship fund comes out of NYSSN funds from our 20+ years of member-driven support and growth.

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