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The Script Supervisor's Notes & Samples


Teruyo Nogami, Akira Kurosawa's Script Supervisor notes

A major part of a script supervisors job consists of the notes taken during shooting, which are later sent to the editor. While note-taking varies by person, there are four forms we typically use:

  • facing page

  • editor's log

  • lined script

  • daily progress report


Mary Cybulski and Pat Miller do a deep dive on the importance and the purpose of each form in their respective books. Our members also participated in a workflow panel that gave insight into each person's style and combination of programs used while working on set. But many new script supervisors continue reach out to us in search of guidance concerning these forms.


Below, we have compiled a selection of example forms and breakdowns for those looking for a place to start.

All forms are available for download below!




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